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The Alaska Society of Independent Accountants is a diverse group of practitioners of accounting and tax services. As Alaskans, we proudly maintain an independent nature yet willingly unite for the common good. The Society exists to enhance the professional stature of the members of our chosen field.


Happy New Year! 

The Gear Up Seminar in Fairbanks will begin in just a few days (Jan 13 -15).  If you would like more information on registration, etc., feel free to contact Kelly Hunter at Kelly@ias-ak.com or Jessica Vinson at Jessica@ias-ak.com

The Jennings Seminar in Anchorage is complete and attendees will be provided CPE documentation very soon. 

If your contact information has changed or needs to be updated please contact Barb Roper at the ASIA email address:  ak.soc.of.ind.accts@gmail.com

We wish you the best during the upcoming busy tax season!